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Eponymous 1981-1983

Alarm - Eponymous 1981-1983

Eponymous 1981-1983


1. Unsafe Building [Electric]
2. Up For Murder [Acoustic]
3. Reason 41 [Emi Demo Session]
4. The Deceiver [Emi Demo Session]
5. Lie Of The Land [Emi Demo Session]
6. Sixty Eight Guns [Illegal Records Demo Version]
7. What Kind Of Hell [Illegal Records Demo Version]
8. Marching On [Ep Version]
9. Lie Of The Land [Ep Version]
10. Across The Border [Ep Version]
11. The Stand [Single Version]
12. Blaze Of Glory [Single Version]
13. Sixty Eight Guns [Single Version]
14. Thought Of A Young Man [Part One]
15. Sixty Eight Guns [Part Two]
16. The Stand [Long Version]
17. For Freedom [Live Version]
18. Reason 41 [Live Version]
19. The Deceiver [Live Version]
20. Third Light [Live Version]
21. Lie Of The Land [Live Version]
22. Legal Matter [Live Version]
23. Marching On [Live Version]