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The Lost Songs Of St Kilda

James Macmillan - The Lost Songs Of St Kilda

The Lost Songs Of St Kilda
James Macmillan


These are The Lost Songs of St Kilda. Recordings discovered in a Scottish care home, handed down through generations of St. Kildans. Saved from the edge of extinction and now available for the first time for the world to hear. ‘The Lost Songs of St. Kilda’ have been brought back to life, thanks to a 73-year-old retired teacher called Trevor Morrison, who lived in an Edinburgh care home and enchanted fellow residents with his strangely haunting music, played on a rickety piano. Trevor was taught these tunes as a small boy by an itinerant piano teacher from St Kilda, who sat him at the piano and placed his fingers on the keys to help him remember the melodies.